Sustainable therapeutics via synthetic biology

PRUNUS takes bold steps for the future human and animal healthcare. PRUNUS’ main platform focuses on small molecule-based sustainable cancer therapeutics that outperform high-cost biologics and engineered cells.

Key concept

"Set up red flags 🚩🚩🚩 on cancer cells, the immune system will do the rest"


Because sneaky cancer cells can disguise the body as self and safe, the immune system won’t attack them.


Setting up foreign tags on cancer cells can help the immune system recognize and reject them as "red-flagged invaders" like bacteria and viruses. 


PRUNUS’ core technology Selective Metabolic Labeling is uniquely positioned in the field of immuno-oncology using non-toxic small molecules that can be selectively loaded into cancer cells. It takes advantage of a prodrug strategy that can selectively label proteins produced in a broad spectrum of cancer cells with foreign tags. 

This approach would serve as a powerful tool for precision therapeutics & diagnostics. Our pipeline products include small molecules, PROTACs, biologics, vaccines, and companion diagnostic tests in order to achieve maximal therapeutic potential.


PRUNUS Therapeutics is a Chicagoland-based biotech startup launched in 2016. The pipeline products of PRUNUS are currently under proof-of-concept studies at preclinical stage.