Selective Metabolic Labeling

Setting up red flags 🚩🚩🚩 on cancer cells

PRUNUS’ core technology Selective Metabolic Labeling is uniquely positioned in the field of immuno-oncology using non-toxic small molecules that can be selectively loaded into cancer cells. It takes advantage of AcK-Locka prodrug strategy that can selectively label proteins produced in a broad spectrum of cancer cells with foreign tags. This approach can serve as a powerful tool for precision therapeutics & diagnostics.

Based on this scientifically proven technology as published in leading journals (Nature Communications, Theranostics) and patents (US9872919, WO2015021305A1), PRUNUS is now developing breakthrough therapeutic/diagnostic strategies that may dramatically improve the treatment outcome as well as quality of life by working together with the body’s immune system. Our approach is sustainable and could ultimately benefit many people's lives.